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multiMind is a boutique agency that creates custom gallery sites that sync with Artcloud's gallery management system
Your unique gallery personality is vital in connecting with buyers. A custom-designed site speaks to who you are, helping you remain "local" to collectors near and far, new and well-versed. The beauty of our work is that your website auto-syncs with ArtCloud, seamlessly streamlining data-entry, while containing all the features needed to facilitate leads and online sales. You can focus on the artwork and client relationships.
Numbers that Prove the Investment
Case Study: Ann Korologos Gallery
This case study is based on the experience one of our clients and the successes they attribute to their web presence with a multiMind gallery site. Their results?
How Ann Korologos Gallery Increased Revenue by
Their Results.
Increase in website user duration
in overall sales
in data-entry
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We are thrilled and the numbers show the investment
was the right way to go. More so you and your team are fabulous, innovative,
practical and at the same time art conscious.
Ann Korologos, Owner

According to The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, online art sales—which amounted to an estimated $13.3 billion, up 7% since 2020 — accounted for 20% of the entire market last year.

As your partner, multiMind is committed to maximizing your online sales with our website platform and our dedicated, dynamic marketing team. We are redefining Fine Art for the digital market. A revolution in the mid-size gallery model, our sites integrate inventory and marketing mechanisms as well as imbue excellence in client service into a bespoke, online space. Art buyers will feel confident, welcome and secure in buying online from your gallery.

We understand the importance of client relationships. Our sites offer a valuable touchpoint along their buying journey as they add to their collections.

How Ann Korologos Gallery Increased Revenue by

Websites for Art Galleries

What you can expect from your multimind gallery site

  • SEO, mobile-responsiveness, security
  • Inventory filtering & search
  • Full e-commerce capability, nexus tax calculations, highly customizable shipping
  • Ongoing support of our web team
  • Google Ads marketing*
*Additional fee. A cost-effective option to paying high subscription fees for sites like ArtNet, Artsy, 1stDibs.

Stay Competitive, Expand Your Digital Presence

The reality is that there are few affordable, effective options for mid-sized galleries to stay competitive and sell online. It's important to make progressive digital shifts as you define your business goals. For collectors, too, online platforms can be a place to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

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