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  • Joan Beeson

    Creative Director/Copy Chief

    Joan's first love is the well-written word. Her roots are deep in copywriting and, even with her most recent stints as a marketing...

  • Ellen Klempner-Beguin

    Executive Artistic Director

    What hasn’t Ellen designed? Suffice it to say she has forgotten more than most people will ever know about great design.

  • Gail Hunter

    Executive Account Director

    Gail has a keen eye for creative strategy, program development, and the stomach for analysis, analytics programming, and development plans for not-for-profit, publishing, and catalogs.

  • Jennifer McMenemy

    Digital Artistic Director

    Jenn has that rare background in digital media and fine art that makes her a great screen designer.

  • Alex Beguin

    Content & Social Media Director

    Alex orchestrates tools and strategies to create and manage engaged communities.